Composition 1: product evaluation

1. Rough draft and Revision.
Submit a rough draft for product evaluation for iphone 8.
2. Product Evaluation essay writing. write an essay on the product iphone 8
Due Dates: Final draft
Rough draft
Brainstorming and Outline due
Preliminary topic
Length: 3-4 pages (typed/double-spaced)
Type: Product Evaluation (Description, Narration, Comparison, and Classification may be used; Causal Analysis required).
Format: Follow the MLA Essay Format. Do not include a cover page. Rough drafts must be double-spaced and legible. Final drafts must be typed and double-spaced. Appropriate font sized is 12 point, while the appropriate fonts are times new roman, courier, or Palatino.
General Essay Structure:
Introductory paragraph which:
• Establishes context
• Catches the reader’s interest
• Contains a three-point thesis statement (usually the last sentence)
Body paragraphs (3 minimum) in which each:
• Begins with a transitional topic sentence (TTS)
• Supports the TTS with details, examples
• Quotes at least once from the primary source
• Contains 100-150 words
• Ends with a closing sentence which tells the reader how to interpret the paragraph
Concluding paragraph which provides closure by:
• Summarizing main points
• Restating thesis
• Pointing to larger means
• Or other means
Quotes must be:
• Blended into your own text
• True to original context
• Correctly quoted, either directly, indirectly, or summarized
• Parenthetically cited providing last name of author and page number of quote in your text
• Works cited entries correct for each source according to Blueprints or Patterns for College Writers.
Style Considerations:
• The “be” verbs–be, being, been, is, am, are, was, and were–should be used in limited quantities.
• Circle the word “you” in your rough draft and replace. The second person is not acceptable in analytical writing.
• Circle any cliché and remove prior to completing your final draft.