Computer Science Report

this is my assignment

Here are my minimal expectations for a lab report:
A brief description of what you are writing about. (Usually a small paragraph will do.

Your introduction should give an introduction to the lab. (Cite any resources used here.)

Any background the reader may need. (Think: Information on any sensors/actuators, or important software/API elements.)

Hardware Setup
Should provide enough information that the reader could recreate your hardware setup. Should (at the very least) include images or circuit diagrams.

Software Setup
Provide your source code here with a brief explanation.

Have subsections describing any experiments/milestones that you reached (at the very least any demo items).

Summarize and draw conclusions about what you learned.

This would be a chance to (politely) vent – either about the annoyance of getting the parts into just the right places, or about unclear instructions. Did you have any difficulties completing the assignment, and what were they?

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