Website Analysis

The use of website advertising has become a highly effective method of reaching consumers. Why is this the case? The purpose of this assignment is to answer that question and to identify the characteristics of an effective website design by comparing two websites within the same product category. First, pick one of the product categories listed below, and
access the websites of two companies that sell the same type of product (go directly to each company’s website rather than visiting Amazon-type websites that sell everything):
 clothing,
 health/fitness clubs,
 cameras or other technology,
 cosmetics, or
 recreational/sports equipment.
After selecting two companies that offer the same type of product, write a analysis that identifies the
characteristics of an effective website design by comparing the two companies based on each of the following:
 What type of financial incentives are offered on each company’s website to encourage the consumer to purchase?
 Do they offer greater convenience and/or added value incentives?
 Compare the overall effectiveness with respect to influencing the target market to purchase.
 Compare how these characteristics might be different in reaching the business-to-business (B2B) vs. business-to-consumer (B2C) customer.
 What other characteristics contribute to the effectiveness of the website’s design?
If you find ineffective characteristics on the two companies’ websites, describe how those issues could be improved to be effective. References should include the two websites and one additional, credible source