PROJECT-Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Design and Implementation Solution

(Using Data files and library resources)


  • Length 5 – 7 pages, excluding illustrations and bibliography
  • Spacing double-spaced for normal text
  • Font Size 12 point
  • Font Styles Times New Roman or Courier
  • Illustrations Welcome if of good quality

Please refer to pages APP 38 and APP 39 to do this project, Choose any one topic:-

  • Create a Research paper about Laptops, Tablets, and Desktops.
  • Create a Research paper about POS Terminals, ATM’s and Self-Service Kiosks.
  • Create a Research Paper about Social Media Sites.

Page 1Cover sheet

Must include:

  • College name
  • Course title
  • Project name
  • Student Name
  • Date

Page 2Abstract

Page 3,4,5Main Part

Page 6Conclusion

Page 7Bibliography

List of all resources that you used (Title, author, publisher).

Rubrics for Semester Project


(90 to 100)%

(80 to 89)%

(70 to 79)%

(65% to 69)%


Overall paper format

Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced, follows model, includes cover page, Table of Contents, Page #

Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced, small variations, misses any one of Cover Page, Table of Contents or Page #

Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced, inconsistent, misses two of cover page, Table of Contents or Page #

Wrong font, size, or spacing; no Cover Page, Table of Contents and  Page #




Main Body


Clear, specific, logical sentences describing a provable concept

Too general but clear and provable

Unclear and general

Not provable

Evaluation and choice of references

Relevant choices of college level resources with appropriate evaluation

Relevant and evaluated but not all college level

Relevant but not well evaluated

Irrelevant choices or no clear evaluation

APA format of references


One or two errors in format

A missing element or more than two errors in format

Two missing elements or more than three errors in format

Grammar, Spelling

Correct grammar and spelling

Fewer than four spelling or grammar errors

Five to seven spelling or grammar errors

Eight to ten errors

Total: _________

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