Week Three, Discussion One
Question 1-Crosstabulation table creation Fig 8.2
Now that we are more familiar with StatCrunch and making cross-tabulation tables, discuss how the textbook author (Dr. Polit) created Figure 8.2 (the cross tabulation table on p. 174).? Can you get the data into StatCrunch and perform the Chi-Square test?? All the answers are there for you in the table- can you get?StatCrunch to generate them?

Week Three, Discussion Two
Question 2 – Calculate the Chi-Square using StatCrunch
For this second question – let’s try to make a crosstabulation table for a problem we?don’t?have in the textbook.
We want to know whether boys or girls get into trouble more often in school. Below is the table documenting the percentage of boys and girls who got into trouble in school:

??????? Got in Trouble ?? No Trouble ?Total
Boys ????? 46 ????????????????? 71 ???????? 117
Girls ? ? ? ?37 ????????????????? 83????????? 120??????
Total ????? 83 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?154 ???????? 237
Examine statistically whether boys got in trouble in school more often.? Can you create a StatCrunch crosstabulation table result? for this data (copied and pasted, as well as updated in Word),? and a Chi-Square analysis?? Hypotheses?