CSS 422 Week 3 Learning Team: Use Cases, User Stories, Components and Connectors As a team, develop the next three sections of the Architectural Design Document (ADD). In the ADD, label this section “Use Cases.”� Develop at least three use cases this week. First, develop a context use case for those core functions you identified previously. Develop two other use case diagrams from the 30 or so you identified. These are specific uses of the system, known as primary scenarios. In the ADD, label this section “User Stories.”� Along with your use case diagrams, prepare a user story for each of the two primary scenarios you prepared. This is a narrative that describes to an outsider how and why a user would use the system. What is the triggering event? What is the sequence of events that occur between the user and the system? In the ADD, label this section “Components and Connectors.”� Identify the main components of the system. Describe or show how they will be connected (integrated) with one another. Hint: Your use cases should be helpful for this section! Prepare a 150- to 175-word summary of this portion of the ADD. Your final submission in Week Five will receive a final grade. Submit your summary using the Assignment Files tab.

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