Review the Week Eight Individual assignment. Identify the type of organization, such as a K-12 school district, institution of higher education, or a corporation, which will be used in the Week Eight curriculum development assignment. The organization must have more than one curricular program. All K-12 districts and institutions of higher education would have more than one curriculum program. Corporations might have only one curricular program, such as training in safety strategies. If the organization does not have more than one curricular program, you may add a hypotheticalprogram. State the type of institution and its approximate size; assign it a pseudonym. List the curriculum programs it encompasses. Research vision and mission statements to gain an understanding of their purpose. Consider yourself the leader of the curriculum department of the organization and address the following: Create a 1-sentence vision statement for the department. A vision statement describes the desired state of the unit. Create a 1-sentence mission statement for the department. A mission statement describes the reason for the existence of the unit, its purpose. Write a 1-page rationale for the vision and mission statement. Provide at least two references outside of class readings for your rationale.   Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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