Present a curriculum development schedule in a table, based on your curriculum cycle and phases. List review phases in a left-hand column, the years across the top, and the programs for review inserted in the rows. (See example in Glatthorn et al., 2009, p. 149). Your calendar must span a minimum of 7 years, though the cycle may range from 5 “� 7 years. Distribute the curricular programs in the schedule according to resource considerations. Consider the following:   Which programs are more expensive than others to implement in terms of materials and equipment purchases?   Which programs might benefit from going through the cycle together to enhance horizontal articulation?   What time is available for professional development needed to implement programs?   Should K-12 programs go through the cycle as a unit to promote vertical articulation or should they be separated into elementary and secondary programs?   Present no more than a 1-page rationale explaining the placement decision made based on the resource issues identified. This rationale must be written so that users of the curriculum development system understand the resource-related reasons for the placements.   Submit the completed schedule and rationale according to the facilitator’s instructions.

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