In the assignment, you develop an assessment measure and scoring instrument to assess a selected learning outcome, test the validity and reliability of the assessment and the scoring instrument, and analyze data. This assignment is divided into several parts over Weeks Four, Five, Six, and Seven, and requires collaborating with all learners. Each week you will be adding a new section to the paper. Always include the previous week’s section of the paper in the present week’s paper, making any corrections that I provide in my feedback. Week Four “� Assessment and Scoring Instrument Development Week Five “� Data Collection and Inter-rater Reliability Week Six “� Assessment and Scoring Instrument Development Report Week Seven “� Data Analysis and Final Report Select a learning objective or goal for a particular topic and a specific target audience. Your audience should ideally represent the level of learners you currently work with or should represent learners you aspire to work with. This includes, but is not limited to, K”�12 populations, higher education students, or corporate training. Create a test to assess the chosen learning objective and audience. The test must be a formative test and must measure the learning that has occurred over a specific time period, such as a unit of study or workshop. The test must include the following: One open-ended test item that requires a grading instrument, such as a grading rubric Four test items that could be graded by an answer key or that could be auto-graded Create grading instruments to score the open-ended question and answer keys for the remaining items. Validate the test and the grading instrument by posting them with the objective assessed to your Learning Team forum for peer feedback. Each Learning Team member must take the test and must review the grading instrument. Your Learning Team members must provide feedback on clarity of the test and relevance to the objective. Review each of your team member’s tests and grading instruments, take their tests, and provide feedback. Revise your assessment with regard to the feedback you received. Format any citations and references consistent with APA guidelines.

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