Write a 1,050- to 2,100-word summary in which you describe the process used to develop the test questions and rubric. Determine the validity of the test items and calculate the interrater reliability. Refer to your texts and resources from the Fundamental Principles of Sound Research and Research Design courses for more information on validity and reliability. Include the following items: A step-by-step process of how the test and grading instrument was developed An analysis of how the developed test is aligned with the objective and chosen audience A step-by-step process of how evidence of validity was collected in Week Four A reflection of drawbacks and limitations of the method of validity testing used in Week Four A discussion of the reliability of your scoring instrument An analysis of the interrater reliability to support your conclusion A discussion of what other types of evidence of validity and reliability you could collect and how you could collect this evidence The first draft of the scoring instrument and the revised version as appendices Format your summary consistent with APA guidelines

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