Resource: University Material: Data Set, located on the student website Imagine that your test has been implemented in your selected learning environment. Learners in five classes have been given a test prior to the pretest and following the posttest. Both pretest scores and posttest scores are collected and recorded in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. Analyze the data. Summarize your findings in a 700- to 1,750-word report to appropriate stakeholders. Identify the purpose of the report and the methods used to develop the assessment, and validate the assessment and the scoring instrument. Present your analysis of the data from the provided data set. Include a discussion of how the results can inform the stakeholder of the effectiveness of the instruction that followed the pretest. Discuss the differences on test performance across five classes, if possible. Provide a brief discussion or interpretation of the data. Include the following as appendices: Any tables or graphs to display your analysis findings The final version of the test items and scoring instrument Format your report consistent with APA guidelines

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