Current Event #3

“Small Businesses Uneasy over Border-Adjustment Tax Plan”, Simon & Rubin, Jan 29

1. Describe the characteristics of the border-adjustment tax. What does it tax? What doesn’t it tax?

2. What are the concerns of smaller businesses about the proposal?

3. If one response to the change is to increase prices, how will that affect consumers? What impact could that have on the overall economy?
“Ikea’s ‘Open Source” Sofa Invites Customization”, Chaudhuri, Jan 29
4. What is an “open source” sofa? Why is IKEA designing one? What exactly is the strategy behind an “open source” sofa?

5. Why does Apple allow other companies to develop apps for its iPhone? Does this strategy make just as much sense for IKEA? Why or why not?

6. Find any current BUSINESS article and summarize in 8 sentences or more. Remember to cite source, author, date and title.