I will use a Hospital database system as an example

Life Cycle

  1. Database Planning

This stage is integrated with the overall Information System strategy of the organization. This includes the objectives and purpose of the system.

The major aim of our hospital database is to keep the records of the patients enrolled so that they can view the information such as health records and the medical charges.

  1. System Definition

In the systems definition phase, the scope and boundaries of the database application are described and the major users of the database such as links with other information systems is described.

Our hospital database system will be linked with the finance system and the patients record system. The users will be administrators, staff and patients.

  1. Requirement Collection and Analysis

Information about a part of organization to be supported by the database system is collected.

The data to be used in our hospital database system includes patient’s and staff details and the data generated is patient’s health records.

  1. Database Design

Phase 1: Conceptual Database Design

Process of constructing a model of the data used independent of all physical consideration.

In our system the conceptual data model is built using the information in administrators, staff and patients’ requirements specification.

Phase 2: Logical Database Design

The model of the data to be used is based on a specific data model but independent of a Database Management System.

Our system is based on the target data to be relational data model.

Phase 3: Physical Database Design

Here we create the description of the implementation of the database on secondary storage.

In our hospital system we will use tables and the data types are as follows

Patient’s name, age ,sex and status.

  1. Database Management System Selection

This is where we select the database system to use I . e MySQL, MS Access, e.t. c

In our system we will use MySQL

  1. Implementation

This is where the actual database is created.

  1. Testing

This is the process of running the system to find errors in the database.

In our system if we find errors, we shall correct them.

  1. Operational Maintenance

Process of monitoring and maintaining database system upon installation.

We will observe the performance of the hospital system such as when a patients enters their name, sex, status and age it should display the personal information.