For this paper, you need to address the following questions about the stories that the
daughters of Minyas tell to each other, in book four of the Metamorphoses.
The Questions
Do the sisters’ stories conform to the patterns and modes of behavior we see in the parts of the Metamorphoses that are not narrated by an internal character? How or how not?
Based on your answers to the above, what do the stories of the daughters of Minyas tell us about the Metamorphoses’ internal narrators?
• Papers must be 1,000-1,300 words in length and submitted electronically via
Carmen by October 19th, 2018 at 11:59 PM.
• Late papers’ grades go down 20% by calendar day beginning Oct 20th at 12:00
• We are willing to provide feedback on your argument and up to two body
paragraphs that we receive before October 14

Do not make some ridiculous sweeping statement to open your paper. Just tell us your argument and get going. You should have a one or two sentence introduction paragraph, and its entirety should be immediately relevant to this question. The introduction is where you tell us your argument not where you make ridiculous declarations.
Body Paragraphs
1.Begin with a topic sentence. This sentence says what you are going to talk about in this paragraph, and it also explains how this paragraph ties back into your main argument.
2. Refer to Something in Ovid This sentence(s) shows us what evidence from the poem you are going to use first in this paragraph.
3. Explain! Why did you just provide that particular quote or citation? How does it fit into -The topic sentence of this paragraph -The overall argument of the paper This step is essential. It is also easy to overlook because you know your argument and why you put that evidence where you did. Make sure you pause to explain this to a reader, or your paper will devolve into a list of citations and quotations. If I wanted to just see things from Ovid, I would go read Ovid.
4. Repeat two and three as needed, to bolster the argument made in your topic sentence.
5. Do not let your paragraphs get too long. As a loose guideline, if your paragraph is over 220 words long, it is too long.
You will notice that there is nothing here about transition sentences. If you can fit some reference to what is coming up in the next paragraph, then that’s great. If you cannot, then that is also great. Your paragraphs’ goal is not actually to talk to each other. Their goal is to talk to your overall argument. Don’t mangle clarity in pursuit of beauty.
Summarize your topic sentences and repeat your argument. This should be pretty short, (about 150 words).

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