Discipline Awareness Memos and Reflection
The methodologies and topics of interest memo���1 page

topic is women accountants

I will send you 3 article after you bid. you have to work from there

This assignment should help you become familiar with the methodologies and methods in your field, and it should allow you to study a scholar and his or her work

closely, exploring how scholars connect to each other and engage in scholarly conversations. The assignment will also help you think about the research question you

will write about for the final research essay. Finally, the assignment will expose you to workplace writing, in the form of memos, and to basic elements of document


Developing the report and deliverables:

Note: Use APA style

You will submit a BRIEF memo answering the questions below; the information contained in the memo will become part of the final reflection.

1. What are the methodologies in your field? Make a list with brief descriptions. The library will be the best place to find this information.

2. Based on your findings about methodology, create a list of topics being discussed in your field (3-4 entries). Briefly examine each topic and state which topics you

find most interesting.