1. Discuss how you can maintain your nation’s cultural values while respecting the cultural values of other people.(200 words)

  1. Does the American management style of decision making, a top-down approach, yield more effective results than the Japanese Ringi style of decision making, a bottom-up approach? Provide reasons to support your choice. (200 words)


  1. If you work for a food and beverage MNC seeking a partnership opportunity, what are the strategies you might use? Provide reasons to support your choices. (200 words)


  1. Do you think that globalization could lead to a “one world order,” effectively creating a giant nation-state based on consumerism? What would you do to be successful in strategic alliances? (200 words)

  1. Discuss the reasons that an expatriate’s compensation varies by location. The discussion should include, but is not limited to, risk, cultural differences, and job duties.(200 words)

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