After reading the section in the textbook entitled Cosmic Myths (PP. 15-39), the section entitled The Pantheons (PP. 89 – 115), viewing course video #2 entitled Aetiological Stories, and viewing the Joseph Campbell video concerning AUM, respond to the following question:

“Cultures create what they are.” Choose three of the cultural examples discussed in these chapters and explain two specific elements from each that best illuminate the character of the culture as a whole.

Where did the interests of these cultures lie when they were in the process of forming their aetiological stories?

In addition, consider the concept of AUM – how does this practice relate to the concept of humans “creating what they are?”

Finally, discuss the particular elements of modern American culture that you believe best illuminate the character of this nation.

Be sure to cite specific examples to illustrate your ideas. How do Americans “make what they are?”

Your paper should be AT LEAST 2.5 – 3 pages in length, typed and double-spaced.