Dreamliner Nightmare

Chapter 15
Case Application 2: Dreamliner Nightmare

Word Doc, APA Style with cover and reference page, times roman 12, using five-paragraph essay with a min of 5 sentences in each paragraph. Professor checks for Plagiarism and grammar.

Questions to answer and incorporate into essay:
15-19 What role does innovation play in managing an organization’s operations?
15-20 What role does technology play in managing an organization’s operations? (Take a look back at Technology and the Manager’s Job).
15-21 Describe the operations management issues that the Dreamliner team faced. Could these issues have been avoided? Why or why not?
15-22 Is a global network of suppliers the future of operations management? Discuss.
15-23 What other lessons about operations management can you see in this story?
i.e; one example might include a discussion about time. In this case, time was not estimated properly, and shipping delays cost the company more time which probably led to managers taking short cuts to complete aircraft assembly as fast as possible. This may have caused an oversight that led to the mechanical difficulties.