Drug Testing and the Rights of Pregnant
Students are to choose one of the 12 topics listed below, and work collaboratively in a group to complete the paper. The paper topics include controversies facing the healthcare industry today. The group should research relevant facts regarding their chosen topic. Please use various materials, scholarly articles, and the textbook to support and frame your statements. Also use APA style to format your in text citations and for your paper format. Groups will need to select an ethical decision-making model from Chapter 1, explain why that model was chosen, and how each step of the model applies to the ethical dilemma. Groups are to incorporate research from the various sources in the literature review of the topic, and in the analysis of the steps for the ethical decision-making model. The questions in the topics below are to aid you and your group in your analysis- it is not necessary to answer all of the questions, but to use them as a guide. The paper should be between 5-7 pages, not including the cover and reference page.
The paper is intended for students to demonstrate knowledge about an ethical-dilemma in healthcare today, and use an ethical decision-making model to aid in deciding whether the action is considered ethical.
Requirements for the paper:
Students are to choose a topic in the “People” section on the Canvas home page, and find the “Groups” tab.
Choose your Midterm Paper Group by week three, and you must choose a topic/group by week four. Please no more than four students to a group.
Paper should be between 5-7 pages of content, add additional pages for cover page and references, double spaced.
Include a cover page with the title of the topic and include all group member’s names
Include all references on a reference page
Use APA for citations in the paper
Each group member is responsible for submitting the group’s compiled paper individually to receive a grade. If you do not submit a paper- you will not receive a grade.
See the grading rubric for more information
Drug Testing and the Rights of Pregnant Women
ETHICS ISSUES: In response to perceived illegal drug use by pregnant women, is it ethical for law enforcement and medical communities to work together to proactively combat drug problems in such women, given the special interests of the women’s unborn children, and if so, what ethical standards should determine how, or if not, why not? Is a pregnant woman’s right to privacy in her medical records outweighed by ethical interests in deterring illegal conduct that could harm a viable fetus? Should the issue of whether a viable fetus is considered a person be a factor in this controversy?