IO have started off the essay which it is attatched. I need you to edit what I wrote, and add on to what I wrote a full essay as to what the requirements below request!

1.       We are writing an analysis of a film or television show using the works by Deborah Tannen that we are studying as a class.

2.        The essay must be at least 1000 words and have a three item “Works Cited” list.

3.       We must use MLA style and document all sources correctly.

4.       Our essay must contain at least three sources (the film or television show we are analyzing and at least two of the Tannen works listed in Bookmarks on Campus Cruiser).  If we refer to the lecture by Tannen on DVD that we viewed in class, we must also refer to at least two of the sources given in Bookmarks and a feature film or television show as well. The Tannen lecture does not count as a film or as one of the required two other sources.

5.       We cannot use Spark Notes, Cliffnotes, or encyclopedias (online or text versions).

6.       We may use dictionaries and specialized encyclopedias.

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