1.     Assignment: Supply and Demand   Due Date:  Day 7 (Individual forum) �     · �    Visitthe Interactive Activity: Supply and Demand Web site available on Week Two of your student Web site.   · �    Read the material posted about supply and demand. Explore the concepts of supply and demand by using the interactive features on the graphs. Use the questions following the diagrams to guide your exploration. Visit Parts 1, 2, & 3 of the Web site.   · �    Complete the matrix and answer the questions in Appendix C. Describe how changes inprice and quantity of various goods and services will affect either supply or demand and the equilibrium price. Also, make sure to answer the three questions listed above the matrix.   · �    Use the graphs from the interactive activity as a tool to help you visualize the changes in price and quantity.   · �    PostAppendix C as an attachment.

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