1.     CheckPoint: Industry Research Part I   Due Date:  Day 4 (Individual forum)   You will demonstrate information literacy through preparing and gathering information for the activity due this week.  There will be four Industry Research Checkpoints that will build toward your Final Project.  You will be using the same industry for each one.     · �    Select an industry that is affected by the economy, such as the airline, automotive, home building, or technological industry.You may pick an industry of your choice. Keep in mind that you must use the industry chosen throughout the course. Post the industry that you are using to your Individual forum, so that I know what industry you chose.     · �    Find at least two sources to help you answer the following questions about the industry you chose and complete the following questions:   o    Summarize the articles and discuss your chosen industry in the summary. o    Define price elasticity of demand. Is the price elasticity of demand of your industry considered elastic or inelastic? Are there substitutes available? Is the good a luxury or a necessity? Explain.   · �    Review Appendix B Example for model entry.   · �    Organize your research for this week using the annotated bibliography template in Appendix B. For each entry in the annotated bibliography, include an APA-formatted reference and a summary of the major points in the article or Web site.   · �    Post Appendix B as an attachment.

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