Assignment: Taxation   Due Date:  Day 7 (Individual Forum)   · �    Choose a good (product) that is taxed.  For example, you could look at the taxation of alcohol.   · �    Locate at least two articles that discuss the local, state, or federal taxation of a good.     Create a Microsoft© PowerPoint® presentation with 10 to 12 slides addressing the following questions: 1)    Introduce your presentation   2)    Which good did you choose to write about?   � 3)   Which local, state, or federal tax are you writing about?   � � � �   4)     Is the tax levied on the producers or consumers? Explain.   5)    How does the tax affect supply or demand? Explain.   6)    How does the tax affect the equilibrium price and quantity?   7)    In this market, describe a hypothetical situation where a price ceiling or floor could be imposed. What implications would this have for the market? 8)    Conclude your thoughts.   · �    Reference at least two articles and follow APA guidelines. · �    Include detailed speaker’s notes. Post your presentation as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® attachment.

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