Educational Autobiography

Students are required to develop an educational autobiography. Writing an “Educational Autobiography” will allow you to reflect critically on several things that inspired you growing up. Below are some questions to help you begin to reflect on your life experiences. Review the questions to trigger your thinking. Have fun with this assignment. 28 pts. Place this assignment in your personal SOE Portfolio located in LiveText under autobiography or All about me.
a) What has occurred in our lives in terms of our learning and teaching experiences.
b) What are some key life-educational events that shaped your views of learning, teaching and educational experiences as a whole.
c) What social, cultural, political and/or economic events contributed to shaping your life, learning, teaching, and overall experiences.
d) What ideological and philosophical constructs have shaped the way you experience learning.
e) What reason(shave you chosen to go into the teaching profession and what you hope to accomplish.
For example, what were you like as an adolescent? What things or characteristics were important to you then? What significant memories of educational experiences do you have from middle school? How would you describe yourself to yourself now? Have your views on meaningful education changed since you were in the middle school and how? Were there specific individuals who affected and influenced your development? How have your early life experiences (cultural, social, educational) contributed to your development as a person and your decision to become a teacher?