Prepare a 1,050- to 1,250-word persuasive research paper that argues your personal position on a controversial topic that you think is worthy of public debate. The topic should be either current, as part of an ongoing debate or a relatively new, unknown topic that you think deserves more attention. If you write on a current topic that is part of an ongoing debate (such as abortion, the death penalty, etc.), your argument must address all sides of the issue, and must represent and persuasively respond to positions different from your own. If you write on a relatively new, unknown topic, part of your task will be educating your readers on this topic and proving that it is worthy of serious public debate. Whichever topic you choose, the paper must incorporate both classical principles of argumentation and elements of the Toulmin model of argument analysis. Additionally, all claims must be supported by credible references, with a minimum of four peer-reviewed outside sources.

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