choose one main character (protogonist) from any stories we have read and respond to the following tasks:(record the page number off all quotations).the book is literature and the writing process (eleventh edition) Elizabeth mcmahan

1- describe the phisical appearance of the main character in two sentences .
2- directly quote the line (s) of the story which best describes this.
3-describes the characters goals , conflict and background.use complete sentences.
4-quote lines from the story to support ur answer to item #3
5- look closely at what the protagonists one significant statement and explain its context (what is happening?who is being addressed and why?).explain what this reveals about the protagonist.focous on the most important line(s) you can find.
6-select one significant Statement that another character makes to the protagonist.quote the statement ,explain its context and significance.
7-consider the action o the one and suggest what it reveals about the protagonist.
8-use proper mos documentation (work cited ) for ur source .
I choose talk about jake pg 43 “love in la”

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