Movie Report

Instructions: Watch one of the movie choices and respond to all the essay questions below. (Remember, some of the essay questions are based on supplemental PDF readings assigned that are loaded on the content page.)

Movie Choices – select one: The Incredibles 2 (2018, PG) Starring Craig T. Nelsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Holly Hunter. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016, PG-13), starring Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell. Zero Dark Thirty (2012, R) Starring Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton. The Avengers – any of these; 2012, (Ultron)2015, or (Infinity War)2018 PG-13 *Info re the plot of these movies can be found at if you would like to know more about the movie before renting or viewing.

Essay Questions:

1. Who is the leader of the team in the film? Why? Cite to a textbook reading or course concept from any of the homework so far this term to support your reasoning. Use at least three concrete concepts/terms from the textbook in your response for support; the three concepts or supporting reasons can come from different chapters but should include discussion from the teamwork chapter assigned. For Question 1 you can just answer who is the leader and why and then, I can add the three concepts myself from the textbook, and/or if you can answer all of it that is fine with me.

2. Refer to Daft, Ch 10. What type of team is present in the film? Explain.

3. Refer to Daft, Ch 10. Evaluate and analyze the interdependence of the team. Explain.

4. Refer to Daft, Ch 10. Discuss and evaluate the cohesiveness of the team.

5. Refer to Maxwell, Law of the Bad Apple. Discuss how this reading is present and relevant in the film. Explain.

6. Refer to Maxwell, Law of Edge. Discuss how this reading is present and relevant in the film. Explain.

7. Refer to Goleman, Ch 9, The Emotional Reality of Teams. In this reading, Goleman discusses the empathetic team, self-aware team, and the self-managed team. Which would best describe the team in the film? Explain.

Formatting/Grading Considerations:

Remember: this homework assignment is worth more than other homework assignments, so a little more effort, editing, and discussion are expected. Double Spaced, Word Document or Word Compatible document, no less than 2 full pages, standard font style, and size Pages Numbered at the bottom Clearly label the question number you are responding to by either using the numeral or you may retype the question and underline or bold as a section heading.

Appropriate grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word choice, writing level, organization, and sentence structure will be considered. It is required that you use the reading sources referred to in the question as support for your responses; do not use sources other than those given in the weekly reading assignments on the Content Page that are referred to in the question. I have uploaded the documents you will need to answer the questions.

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