In his essay, “Organic Learning,” Moshe Feldenkrais suggests an optimal learning model which he calls “organic learning” (29). However, it seems to conflict with the now standard academic, or “scholastic,” model of learning with which most of us are accustomed. For example, he writes that “[t]his organic learning is slow, and unconcerned with any judgment to the achievement of good or bad results” (30). In contrast to organic learning, what we typically experience within a standard academic setting is assessment based on “good or bad results”! If one is to draw upon one’s natural ability to learn so as to apply organic learning, it will seem a challenge to do so in an academic setting
How might one best implement organic learning into a standard academic setting? In other words, what strategy, or strategies, might a person use to apply organic learning to his or her studies while in a standard academic model? Make sure you have a working understanding of what Feldenkrais means by “organic learning.” Be specific. For example, an entire essay might be written about applying organic learning within a single discipline, such as mathematics. One might even derive an essay about applying organic learning in a physical education class given Feldenkrais’s emphasis on body movement in his essay.
Length: 900-1200 words (about 3-5 pages, double-spaced).
MLA format.

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