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Personal Leadership Assessment & Plan. The PLAP was done to assess my leadership skills, strong points vs. I gathered sources from various places such as reading material, both class work and pleasure, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory, internet site, and interviews with other leaders. After assessing my managing skills -self, communication, diversity, ethics, teams, and change- I concluded that 4 of the 6 were strong points and that I have short term and long term plans of action. My short term strategy is to take classes in the Fall and Spring that will continue to enhance my knowledge. My long term plan of action is to pursue a career that will allow me to implement these skills. A competency is an interconnected set of skills, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge needed by an individual to be successful in most professional and managerial positions. In order to develop a leader, the study of organizational behavior must take place.The theme of this paper is to describe how 6 competencies are woven into my life and how I plan to implement them.

The 6 competencies I found best suiting for myself are: managing self, managing communication, managing diversity, managing ethics, managing teams, and managing change. There are several core components for the managing self competency. The first is to understand my own and others’ personality and attitudes. Over time, I have come to realize who I, Tara Barnette, truly am. For so long I tried to be like the type of people with whom I “hung around” with. I have finally come to realize what my own values and beliefs are-not my parents and not my friends. I have also come to realize not everyone is or will ever be like me. There may be similarities, but no one is like another; furthermore, you can’t change a person’s personality or attitude no matter how hard you try. The next core component is the ability to identify, evaluate, and understand myself, others and the immediate environment. With this test I have learned I am an ESFP (Extraverted, Sensor, Feeler, and Perceiver). Generally, I have found that I am warm-hearted, outgoing, accepting, and friendly, enjoy everything and make things more fun for others by their enjoyment.