1. Define Sustainability and explain why it must be
considered in a modern engineering business.

2. List Environmental and resource efficiency issues and
explain two of these relevant to your workplace

3. Name and describe the prime “Environmental” laws in
Australia and in Victoria. Description should include the main
intent of the law and its main sections.

4. Describe the impact of these (general) or other
(specific) environmental laws on your role in your workplace

5. Describe the process for finding environmental policies
and procedures in your workplace.

6. Explain how your workplace procedures control the way
in which you perform your job. Include the effect of not
complying fully with the procedure

7. Who would you report an environmental incident to in
your workplace.

8. Nominate one suggestion to improve the environmental
practices in your workplace

9. What measures can be applied to resource use and
which are applied in your workplace.

Prepare as a neat Word document with a cover page (no
graphics) and (at least) your name in header and page
numbers in the footer.