The purpose of this paper is to combine historical research with your own original analysis of history. In this paper, you will compare and contrast the lives and legacies of two American presidents from the period 1789-1876. You will write a 5-page (minimum) paper in 12-point font using standard margins that discusses the issues below. Remember, you are writing a coherent paper, not just answering a series of questions. You are not just writing a paper on two presidents; you must directly compare and contrast the two, as described below. You will also need to include a bibliography with at least six (6) sources. (See the section on sources below) Provide appropriate citations in your paper (footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical references are all acceptable). The paper will be graded on thoroughly addressing the issues and on originality of the analysis, as well as on spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The writing tone should be formal and scholarly. The Harper Writing Center is available to help you proofread. Don?t forget a cover page (Cover page and bibliography do NOT count as part of the 5-page minimum

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