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Provide an example of the type of information that would be necessary when using the approach that you have deemed to be more effective. • Examine the strategic planning process. Imagine that your organization is planning to build a pediatric clinic. Determine one external factor and one internal factor that you should consider in the strategic planning of the clinic. • Determine three reasons why strategic plans fail. Recommend a strategy to overcome each of the reasons you identified and include concepts from the weekly reading. • Determine three specific reasons why healthcare organizations should conduct an analysis of the external environment on a regular basis. Support your recommendation with examples. • Examine three barriers to an effective environmental analysis. Determine whether or not the barriers that you have examined would delay the strategic planning process. Provide a rationale for your response. • Imagine that the physicians at your hospital have proposed adding a new cardiac care wing to the hospital at which you are CEO. Outline the specific steps you would take when conducting an external analysis to determine the need for this addition.

• Imagine that you are taking the next step in the environmental analysis process for the cardiac care wing discussed in the first part of this discussion. Recommend three strategies that you can use to evaluate the data gathered during the analysis in order to decide whether or not to add this new wing to the hospital. • Examine service categories commonly provided by nursing homes. Determine two specific service categories that you believe are common factors of competition among nursing homes. • Analyze the main service area factors for healthcare organizations factors. Suggest two consumer factors and two service area factors that could provide a competitive advantage to a walk-in clinic. • Examine three barriers that you believe represent the most significant obstacles to an effective competitor analysis. Propose a strategy to overcome each of the three barriers that you have identified. • From the e-Activity, analyze Michael Porter’s technique for a competitive analysis.

Determine one factor for each of Porter’s five forces of an environmental analysis that apply to the organization that you selected. • Evaluate the importance of an internal environmental analysis for a healthcare organization. Determine three specific reasons why an internal analysis has become an important activity for healthcare organizations. • Imagine that you are the manager of a healthcare clinic. Recommend three tactics to increase the value of the services offered that would boost the company’s competitive advantage. • From the e-Activity, determine two specific resources and two specific competencies that give the organization that you researched a competitive advantage. • From the e-Activity, propose two strategies that the selected organization should consider in order to maintain its competitive advantage. For all assignments assume that you are the administrator of a fictitious organization of your choice. Your first step in evaluating the position of your organization will be conducting an environmental analysis.