FIN 375 Week 4 DQs   DQ 1 1.    What are the most important financial components to track to determine the success of a small business? Explain why. 2.    Provide an example of a company with a high volume of sales and a low profit margin, and provide an example of a company with a lower volume of sales, with a higher profit margin? Which company is more financially successful and why? DQ 2 1.    What are some of the differences in problem-solving techniques as they relate to increasing sales and controlling costs? 2.    How does a small business keep a balance of increasing sales while controlling costs? 3.    Suppose you manage a small business and notice that sales are high, but costs are higher. What areas would you look at changing to create a more profitable business? DQ 3 1.    What data might be used to distinguish short-term success or failure versus long-term trends when measuring financial performance in a small business? 2.    Why is it important to look for long-term trends, even if things are looking great for the short term? Provide an example of a situation where the short-term success of a business is doing well, whereas the long-term trends are pointing towards future decline. 3.    What would you do to change the long-term trends into something more positive for that company?

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