FIN 375 Week 5 DQs   DQ 1 1.    What are the differences between short- and long-term financing?  2.    What are some of the popular types of short-term financing available to small businesses? 3.    Suppose you own a small business. What is a situation where short-term financing would be beneficial for your company? Explain why. DQ 2 1.    What types of benefits and services must a small business expect from a bank that it has a merchant account with? 2.    What other useful tools, such as inventory management assistance or a point of sale system (POS), would a bank offer its customers? 3.    Suppose you own a small business and are researching with which bank to open your merchant account. Which benefit, service, or tool offered by banks is most important for you? Explain why. DQ 3 1.    How might collateral be used to secure long-term financing? 2.    What are the advantages and disadvantages of using collateral to secure long-term financing? 3.    If you owned a small business, what types of situations would warrant using collateral to secure long-term financing?

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