forensic psychology case paper

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Review the collateral information of Case Scenario 3. In the Assessment Data section, review the raw data of the SASSI-3. Appropriately interpret the scores. Based on

your review of Therapeutic Risk Typologies, recommendations report for child protective services and probation.

report the psychometrics of the MMPI and state clearly whether it meets the Daubert Standard and how you know this

Case Scenario 3
Cliwzeagc���. ale
Assessment Date: 4/21/12
Assessment Tools (Psed: i
Clinical Interview z
CPS Referral Information
Symptom Assessment-45 (SA-45)
Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-3111 ed. (SASSI-3)
Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA)
Purpose of Referral:
I The purpose of the assessment is to determine Ms. C���s substance dependency potential
relative to child protective services (CPS) and conununity supervision (probation).
Psychiatric/Rehabilitation History: Substance Abuse Potential
Ms f; iffiported currently cmnpisting a drug offender class in the past two weeks for
proifltioz���: rsqniremsnts In Novnmber

Essentials ofForensic Family Psychotherapy l 3
The Therapeutic Risk Typologies
The Alpha Risk Typology
In INA, the Type 1 t erapeutic risk typelogy or Alpha parents are unlikely to ha e
significant risk ratings on Esychological assessments, diagnostic consultations; or comniit
re-offenses when stable employment, counseling, or healthy personal relationships exist.
Overall, the Alphas criminal history is minor or isolated, If a child is removed from an
ailpha, they��� are likely rammed with limited restrictions by regulatory agencies, such as, CPS
or family courts, in. relation to child abuse, Alphas should be required to participate in
psychological. essaiuations every TEE months (cg. gun fitness evaluations) if they possess a
registered gun, Alphas during moments of significant distress, such as, divorce or job loss