In this modern world, when distant populations are connected by computers and modern communications, when we are all aware of so many possibilities, we seem to have less time and space to enjoy the abundance around us. Today it is common for both spouses work outside the home. Everyone comes home exhausted from work at the end of the day, needing to tend to children and pets, to produce a nourishing meal for the family, to exercise for the allotted time, and to maintain a marital relationship. The last thing you want to do is get your house organized, but it may be the clutter in your house that is slowing you down and helping to make you feel tired. If the task seems overwhelming, if you cant think about organizing the entire house at once, take heart and start small. Begin with an area that will make a true impact on your life from the beginning—your clothes closet.

If your closet is cleared out and arranged efficiently, you will be able to spend less time finding clothes to wear when you are getting ready for work in the mornings. Because your wardrobe will be organized, you will be able to dress more quickly and attractively. And when you shut that closet door in the morning, you will know that there is a small part of your house that is neat and clean. Just knowing you have made a start will give you the motivation to clear another section, until you have finished organizing the entire house. Spend an hour in your nearest hardware store to get some cluttered closet help. There, you will find lots of ideas for how to organize, along with supplies for adding an extra shelf or closet rod if necessary. Also, pick up some paint. One of the first things you will need to do for this project is to empty the closet of everything. This is an excellent time to wash the walls, repair or replace fixtures and shelves, and repaint. Another source of cluttered closet help is a book on how to sort through and organize your wardrobe.

All your clothes should be in view. Make a pile of clothing that you havent worn in two or more years. These items may not fit, they may need mended, or dry-cleaned they may be out of style, or they may be worn out. If it is an item that you would wear if it were fixed, and that goes with other items you are keeping, put it in a pile for repairs. Otherwise, give it away. If your closet is small, consider storing off-season clothing in another closet or storage container. Keep your fresh, new closet for the clothing you actually will wear now. At this point, you may sort in any way you want—by color, by type of clothing (i.e., pants, blouses, and jackets), or by style (i.e., professional, casual, or dressy). This is a good time to utilize some of the many new closet organizers available now. You may want to invest in hangers for belts and scarves, special pants hangers or suit hangers. If space really is at a premium, consider an over-the-door hanger or a hanger that can handle multiple items. There are closet organizers for every article of clothing. When you are finished, immediately discard the pile to be given away, take the pile to the cleaners, and sit down to mend what is left. Congratulate yourself on a job well-done! You have taken the first step on the way to getting your house organized.

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