H7104 Design for Manufacture

Resit Assignment 2017/18 Assignment:

Based on the design brief provided as the basis for the coursework of this module (Appendix I of this document). The student(s) will re-design the product submitted last time the module was taken. For the student to pass this resit, it is imperative that:

1) the new design addresses all issues/recommendations highlighted in the feedback received last time the student took the module (this include the feedback provided during the oral presentation and in the written report).

2) Particularly if it has been more than one year since the student took the module last time, the student should visit the module’s Study Direct site and go through the different sections, get clearly acquainted with the module’s content and learning outcomes. In case the student withdrew early in the term last time the module was taken, then the student should treat the brief as if doing a new design rather than a re-design.


The deliverables for this assignment are:

1. – A 42 x 59.4cm (A2) printed poster following the template provided last time the module was taken.

2.- A Technical Report (4500 words min.), carefully following the directions provided in the template for such report that was provided last time the student took the module.

Notice: All deliverables must be submitted to the School Office on or before the deadline specified on the student timetable on Sussex Direct (typical penalties for late submissions will apply).

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