Assignment: Understanding the Collection Process Resources: Ch. 15 (pp. 494-505) of Medical Insurance and Microsoft® Help Web site Due Date: Day 7 [to the Assignment Folder] Suppose you are working in a medical office and are helping train a new billing specialist about collections. You decide that a job aid in the form of a flow chart would be a useful tool. Refer to Microsoft® Help Web site at for questions related to creating a flow chart in Microsoft® Word. Complete the following: Using Microsoft® Word, create a flow chart illustrating the sequence of basic steps in the collection process. Below your flow chart, write a 350- to 500-word script for a short instructional video to be used along with the flow chart. The script should provide an overview of how to use the flow chart when dealing with a collections account. Include details about what to do at each step in the collections process flow chart. The audience for the job aid and video is a medical office billing trainee.   Post your response to the Assignment Folder

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