Assignment: Interviews   Your instructor will post a roster in the Main forum that assigns students in groups of up to four for this assignment. Follow the instructions below carefully because the interview data must be inserted cumulatively, meaning that information will be misplaced if you are not careful to use the correct post. To receive full credit, follow directions carefully.   · �    Resources: Appendix B; Interview Data Thread Roster and Interview Data Threads posted by your instructor   · �    Locate the Interview Data Thread Roster to find the Interview Data Thread in which you are assigned for this assignment, in the Main forum. Your Interview Data Thread contains a chart with the same interview questions you investigated in Appendix B.   · �    Open the most recent post in your assigned thread by checking the day and time. This is extremely important because:   If your classmates have already entered their interview data and you select the instructor’s original post, then you will not see what your threadmates have posted.   If you are unable to post all of your data at one sitting and decide to return to finish later, using the most recent post in the thread ensures that your and everyone else’s data are preserved each time the chart is accessed.

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