Discussion Questions   · �    Recall the Interview Data Threads from the Week Four assignment where you posted the information from your interviews. Review the information for interview questions 2 & 3 from your assigned thread and from at least one other thread of your classmates, to answer the following:   o �   Do most medical facilities seem to have transferred to electronic records, do they still maintain paper files, or do they use some combination of both? o �   Do small, medium, or large facilities seem most prone to use numeric versus alphabetic systems? o �   Do small, medium, or large facilities seem most prone to use a particular type of numeric system?   · �    A common filing difficulty is the situation where newborns are given different names after they leave a hospital, and records management personnel must try to locate the correct paperwork when the baby returns for follow-up examinations. Respond to the question at the end of this scenario:   Maria Diaz delivers her baby girl at your hospital. After an uncomplicated stay, Ms. Diaz and her baby girl are discharged. The baby’s medical record is labeled with her medical record number and the name Diaz, Baby Girl (Maria) and filed according to your hospital’s procedure. Two weeks later, Ms. Diaz brings her baby back to the hospital’s emergency room where the baby is admitted to the pediatric ward under the name Angel Gonzales. This is the baby’s given name, and the name reflected on her birth certificate that Ms. Diaz completed and mailed in to the state. The Pediatrician on the ward calls your department. He states that the baby, Angel Gonzales, was born at your hospital 2 weeks ago and he would like to see the old record. You have difficulty finding a record for Angel Gonzales because it read, Diaz, when it was previously filed. What processes might you implement to make neonatal files easier to manage?

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