Discussion Questions   · �    People are sometimes shocked to realize how much personal data can be maintained in master patient indexes”�such as marital status and problematic payment histories or cancellations. People are also surprised to realize how much medical information may be shared”�for example, a doctor you are visiting for pneumonia may see that you are taking medications for mental illness.   Do you think the benefits of master patient indexes outweigh the disadvantages, or have medical records gone too far in documenting and sharing private information? Explain your reasons. Respond to classmates by suggesting the kind of policy for master patient indexes you feel would be appropriate for your concerns.   · �    Recall the difference between registers and registries. If you had the authority, what policy would you put in place regarding the availability of medical information for registers and registries? Respond to classmates by noting whether their policies seem to expand or curtail the current availability of medical information to registers and registries.

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