HCS 334 Week 2 Quiz  How are the concepts of physical activity and physical fitness different? The term “aerobic”� means without oxygen.   The component of wellness that is assessed by the Rockport Test is cardiorespiratory endurance.   Another term for “aerobic capacity”� is________________.   What does the term “aerobic”� mean?   With reference to training to increase aerobic capacity, the term “nonresponder”� refers to    What two fitness parameters are included in the calculation of cardiac output?   What is the definition of cardiac output?   A person is most likely to produce improvements in cardiac output _____________.   What component of wellness is assessed by the Rockport Test?   How does aerobic exercise affect triglyceride and lipoprotein levels?   In making its recommendation for a minimum level of physical activity, the Institute of Medicine is concerned primarily with _______________.   What two components of the Karvonen Formula determine the intensity level of exercise?   The carotid artery is located in the ___________.   Thirty percent of adults meet or exceed the current exercise recommendations   How long should the warm-up and cooldown phases of an exercise session last?   In regards to the warm-up phase of exercise, “lag time”� refers to ______________ .   “Syncope “� is defined as _____________.   The term “side stitch”� refers to __________.   The principal way the body maintains proper body temperature during exercise in hot weather is through the _____________.

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