Organizational Performance Management Table   After you have completed your individual research on your chosen type of health care organization, collaborate with your Learning Team to complete this table. You will then refer to this table as you collaborate to write your paper. Include this table as an appendix to your paper.     Fill in the necessary information in each cell, but be as succinct as possible.    1. Provide names of or links to specific organizations. Summarize key products or services provided by each type of organization and identify the primary customers they serve. 2. Outline the overall content of the major regulations, accreditation requirements, and other standards that affect each organization. Provide the title, section, parts, or subparts or the numbering system and so on of the specific regulations or accreditation requirements. For example: Use of electronic signatures in electronic medical records is  equivalent to handwritten signatures on paper; FDA regulation; Title 21 CFR  Part 11, Subpart C, § 11.200Electronic Signature:   3. Highlight the effect of each organization’s regulations, accreditation requirements, and other standards on the risk-management and quality-management functions and activities. 4. Specify components of performance-management systems”�policies and procedures, self-audits, benchmarking, complaint management, corrective or preventive action, education and training, communication, and other mechanisms”�to be used by each organization. 5. Provide links to any relevant sources that will be useful as your Learning Team completes the paper.

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