Learning Team Assignments: Legal Considerations Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Resources: University Library; Grading Criteria: Legal Considerations Presentation Prepare 10- 15 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that discusses a current legal issue from the news media or a team member’s professional practice that affects an individual or group of nurses or other healthcare professional such as physicians, pharmacists, or physical therapists. For confidentiality reasons, please use fictitious names if the scenario is based on a team member’s professional practice experience. Some examples of legal issues include: Angel of Mercy”� cases, such as nurses during the Hurricane Katrina evacuation giving overdoses of morphine and other medications to patients to end their lives Administration of an inaccurate medication dosage, such as pediatric patients receiving heparin overdoses as with Dennis Quaid’s twins Disclosure to tabloids of celebrities’ personal health information, such as the patients at Cedar Sinai. Include the following in the presentation: Judicial process and health care laws Professional standards of practice Malpractice and disciplinary action issues Ethical issues Issues surrounding appropriate documentation Nursing practice act requirements 7. At least three references from scholarly journals in the University Library Follow the APA guidelines in citation and referencing sources.

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