History Reaction to the reading-Lorber

  1. find a image and 50-70 words explain why it relate to the reading. (You will find an image of your choosing for readings to highlight, illustrate, and represent the readings and class themk. Pick a theme, term or idea from the readings. Your images can be from a newspaper, magazine, photo exhibit, event you attended, book cover, film/event poster, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Below the image, write a short explanation of the image, why you chose this image, your rationale, and where you found it (such as providing URL/source for your image). Word Count range should ideally be 50-70 words. )
  2. Reaction to the reading: answering following questions: 300-400words, Lorber provides a comprehensive history of the continuities and discontinuities within contemporary feminist debates. Which variety of feminism/s resonates for you and why? You can pick more than more. You can use an examples i.e. a contemporary social movement or personal experience, to illustrate your point.

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