1. Explain “What is History,” and “What it means to be a Historian.” How does a historian do his or her job? What is the methodology behind the craft?
2. In 1453, the Walls of Constantinople came crashing down at the feet of Mehmet the Conqueror. At the same time, Western Europeans were exploring the Atlantic and on the cusp of discovering the New World. In Asia, Zhang He had recently sailed across the Indian Ocean and contacted the people up and down the coast which brought into contact two great civilizations. Considering these seminal events in history, explain in detail why the 15th century matters to World History.
3. Explain the history of Christianity up until the 6th century.
4. Explain in detail the fall of the Roman Empire and its impact on the Mediterranean region.
5. Using, at least four examples, explain how geography played a role in the development of ancient civilization.
6. Using, at least four examples, explain the contribution of Greco-Roman culture to the Mediterranean World.
7. Explain the various cultural, geographic, and religious influences upon the Hebrew people that influenced the creation of their religion.
8. Explain the manuscript tradition of the Tanakh (Old Testament).