This semester we have discussed various aspects of the self in relation to the surrounding social
environment and also the myriad reasons we may make certain choices or engage in certain
Your assignment is to use this information to help guide your hypothetical frustrated roommate
in his/her attempt to lose 10 pounds this semester. Your roommate has for years gone through
the basic diet and exercise attempts with poor results, and you have decided it’s time to tackle
the issue from a deeper level that utilizes information you have learned in your social
psychology course.
Your task is to put together a letter or document a plan
intended to motivate your roommate to
understand him/herself, the situation, the reason some strategies may have failed, strategies
that might work better, and so forth. You can talk about concepts like self-esteem, self-control,
social cognition and take it in any direction you feel would be meaningful and helpful.
You must incorporate a minimum of 8 specific concepts or terms from textbook/ lecture and be
sure to
and underline each of them! These concepts include Incremental theory, entity theory, goals, setting goals, pursuing goals, self control, self determination theory, and learned helplessness. You have flexibility in how you choose to present this
information (e.g., a supportive letter to roommate, an action plan, etc.). However, it must be
written in full sentences (i.e., not a bullet point list) and be properly thought out and well-
organized. The goal is to integrate information from the first 5 chapters and put together a
meaningful plan that incorporates many things you have learned