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Three sides of fencing are used, since the fourth side of the area is formed by a building. The enclosed are measures 800 square feet. Exactly 80 feet of fencing is used to fence in three sides of this rectangle. Used to construct this area? 23. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of the sides of the triangle. 24. Determine, without graphing, whether the given quadratic function has a maximum value or a minimum value and then find the value. 40x. (a) find the values of R(11) and R(56). 1. Graph the region described by the following inequality. 2. Multiply and simplify. Assume that all variables represent nonnegative numbers. 2x, answer part (a) and (b). 4. Solve the system by the substitution method. 5. Solve the radical equation. 6. Use the discriminante to find what type of solutions the equations has. Do not solve the equation. 7. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the missing side. 8. Find the domain and range of the relation. 10. On Monday, Harold picked up five donuts and six large coffees for the office staff. 8.45. on Tuesday, Melinda picked up six donuts and three large coffees? 11. Determine whether (a)(3,4), (b)(-3,3) and (c)(3,-3) are the solutions of the system. 12. A brace for a shelf has the shape of right triangle. Its hypotenuse is 18 inches long and the two legs are equal in length. How long are the legs of the triangle? 14. Write a quadratic equation having the given solutions. 16. How can you tell whether a graph is the graph of a function? 18. Simplify. Express the answer with positive exponents. 19. Graph the solution of the following system.

3. How might you apply what you learned in your interview and about innovation architecture in general to help foster a culture of innovation within your own organization? Cite two additional reputable secondary sources on innovation architecture or on creating a culture of innovation in your reflection. 1. The name of the person you interviewed and number of years he/she has been a manager. 2. The name of the company at which he/she is currently employed. 3. How long the person has been a manager at the current company. 4. Date of the interview and whether it took place in person or via phone. 5. Contact information for the person you interviewed. 6. The list of your interview questions. Identify three catalysts to enable innovativeness. Explain how they would enable innovation in your organization. Considering the product or service idea your CLC team identified in Module 4, answer the question: Does the product or service your team created/identified have the power to dramatically reset customer expectation? Why or why not? Will it have an impact on customers?

Persuasive writing is a very powerful academic tool, and the persuasive essay is arguably the most effective way to impress professors and get higher grades. However, much of the persuasive power comes from the way you structure your essay. Persuasive writing is a very powerful academic tool, and the persuasive essay is arguably the most effective way to impress professors and get higher grades. However, much of the persuasive power comes from the way you structure your essay. After you read this article, youll know how to structure your essay for maximum effect. Consider the introduction a “funnel paragraph” i.e. a paragraph that goes from the broad to the specific. Here you introduce the general topic and narrow it in with a specific thesis statement. The thesis statement should clearly state your opinion and the argument that you’re going to present in the persuasive essay. The thesis statement is usually made up of a single sentence towards the end of the introductory paragraph. Some students have a tendency to confuse the topic and the thesis statement. Not having a clear distinction between topic and thesis guarantees a weak essay.

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