You are to write a memorandum as if you are advocating (as a health care professional) for a patient by requesting specific medical services (related to the case study you have selected). Please read the rubric carefully and respond accordingly. Even though you are writing a memorandum you must use APA format; which means you must have a title page, reference page, the entire document must be double-spaced, and use in-text citations. I have also attached two templates (select either one) of a memorandum for your convenience; however, you can select one of your own choosing. In the

Memorandum heading:

To- states whom you are writing to

From- would be you

CC: means copies sent- usually one is sent to the patient

Date: the date you are writing the memorandum.

Select one of the provided case studies at the end of Ch. 15 or 21 in the text. The subject of the selected case study is a client of yours.

This is the CASE STUDY

? Jenny Stanson is a 20-year-old college student who lives with her grandmother. She has noticed that her grandmother seems confused at times, forgets things she has told her, and is often rather short-tempered. This does not seem to be her usual manner and happens only infrequently, but Jenny is concerned. Someone stated her grandmother might be suffering from early Alzheimer’s disease. She wants to know what she should do about this. She also wants more information about Alzheimer’s disease. How can you help her? What resources might be helpful?

Write a 350-to 400 word memo describing the situation and requesting specific services for your afflicted client.

Include the following in your memo:

?Describe the disease of focus and its progression of mental illness.Based on the disease and stage it presents, what level (primary, secondary, or tertiary) of care do they require?

?Where can more information regarding the identified disease be found?

?What cultural issues can be identified as pertaining to this disease that might affect the individual and family in this case? How does this influence society and resources as a whole?