Essay is a piece of writing which is a means of communication for informing the targeted audience. There are different kinds of essays; written for various purpose. 1.Narrative essay, descriptive essay are written to entertain readers. 2.Persuasive essay, argumentative essay are written to inform readers with facts and statistics. 3.Expository essays are written to guide people through the problems they have. There is another category of essay which is written in order to get scholarships. Such essay are called scholarship essay. Why is such essay important? Scholarship essay is important for securing scholarships. It is now a chosen parameter which is helpful in judging a student’s ability. 1.A student’s individual personality can be assessed. 4.The thought process and critical thinking of a student develops. 5.Adhere to formatting styles. Hence essay must be unique and should portray individuality and unique things about you. Out of thousands of applicants, your essay must stand out, to be the one, you must be unique. 2.Must be focused on the topic chosen: Focusing on the topic will helping in creating a unique essay. Therefore, with the topic that is provided or chosen must be written with details.

3.Must include the structure of an essay: Like every has its own structure, a scholarship essay must also adhere to a particular structure. Generally, five paragraph essay format is followed to write down a scholarship essay. It must include an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion section with other necessary elements such as hook statements, thesis statements. 4.Use concise and simple language: An opportunity to get a scholarship for pursuing higher studies is lost by most of the students because of a common blunder; using high-end vocabulary. The strategy of following simple and concise language will always help in writing a better essay. This must be followed to write a winning essay. 5.Add a personal touch to it: “Be yourself” is probably the most commonly heard phrase. This is applicable while writing a scholarship essay too. The purpose of writing it is to prove your credibility and worth to secure the scholarship.

Each person comes with positive and negative things. These must be a strike of balance in an essay portraying the way you are. Hence adding a personal touch to your essay becomes necessary. 6.Check on the grammar: Grammatical skills and punctuation styles are two important elements that need to be considered while an essay is written. Not having these or lacking these skills will degrade the meaning and essence of your essay. 7.Have conversational hooks: Having hooks in your essays will engage the readers to your essay. These hook statements must be included in the introductory section to induce interest towards reading. 8.Edit it well: Once the essay is written, it must be edited several times. Editing is an art which comes by practice. 9.Proofread the essay: The last stage of writing an essay is to proofread it well. Proofreading is required in order have the last check on the essay which is written. Silliest mistakes which were not noticed should be corrected, revised before it gets published. 10.Length of essay: Abiding by the rules of writing an essay, it must stick to the length that has been specified. It is also one of the parameters for filtering an essay which crosses the upper limit of word count.

Not only are managing self and communication important, but also, managing diversity. Like the other competencies, this too has several core components. The first is the ability to encourage an environment of inclusion with those who posses characteristics different from your own. Like both leaders said in the interview, if you have all Chiefs and no Indians, nothing will get done; everyone will be too busy telling someone else what to do. It is always important to seek variety and different views. If everyone thought the same, inspiration would have no meaning. The next component is the ability to learn from those with different characteristics, experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. I feel I am open-minded and am always seeking information from various people before I make a decision. I always look to someone I know has my best interest at heart, I look to someone who knows a lot about the subject, and I look to someone who is unbiased.